Debut Author Madison Love Presents All Cracked Up

A cautionary tale about the perils of superficial pursuits and lack of self-love.

June 20, 2016: Debut author Madison Love is pleased to announce the official publication of All Cracked Up, a cautionary tale about the perils of superficial pursuits and lack of self-love.

About The Book

All Cracked Up is a story of two best friends, Samantha & Lily, who grow tired of being overweight. They’ve tried numerous diets, like the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, and the Mediterranean diet. They’ve also tried Phen-Fen and other diet pills on the market, but they haven’t hadany success keeping the weight off.

One day, when Samantha’s crack addicted sister comes over for Christmas dinner, Samantha and Lily notice how small she is. They make a joke that if crack makes you lose weight like that, they should try it. Lily takes that to heart and convinces Samantha to try it for only two months to lose weight.

They tried the crack and lose weight, but they endured much more loss, not; they also lose their jobs, respect for themselves, and so much more…

Read as their journey takes you through the trials and tribulations they face and the horrific things that happen to them as they become addicted to crack cocaine, all why trying to hide it from their family.

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About The Author

Madison Love grew up in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area. She now lives in Southern Maryland with her husband. A writer at heart, All Cracked Up has been in process for twenty years, until one day Madison finally decided to just do it. Her career has been in the health care industry for well over 15 years, and she currently serves as a Project Manager for one of the largest health care companies in the U.S. Madison’s quest in life now is to help women find self-love and let them know they’re enough and to accept nothing less than their worth. Her first novel, All Cracked Up, is an example of how two women were so desperate to lose weight that they went to major extremes by trying crack cocaine and lost everything because they did not love themselves enough to know they are beautiful just as they are.

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